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"A Guiding Force...Practical Advice And High Integrity

Since 2016, Sandra Jones has been our business coach and mentor. Our sales have increased 40% since we began working with her. She introduced us to the 90-Day Year business strategy and has been our guiding force to helping us develop a sound business strategy that includes setting goals, defining projects and outlining the tasks that are required to achieve those goals.

Sandi gives us practical advice, helps us stay focused and on-track, and holds us accountable. Through our sessions, she has up-leveled my way of looking at various business situations and given me a much more focused, confident and strategic mindset.

This past year, she connected us to an excellent graphic designer who led us through a highly successful brand upscale and a total redesign and rebuild of our website. She also connected me to a systems expert who has been a huge help as we enhance and build onto our systems.

Sandra Jones has the credentials and most importantly, the highest integrity of any professional mentor/coach that I’ve ever encountered through my many years in business. We completely trust that she has our very best interests at heart. If you want your career or business to reach higher levels and need top-shelf mentoring and guidance, Sandra Jones is the best of the best!

- Julie A. Co-Founder, Informed Athlete

"I met Sandra through a shared Facebook group. She reached out in response to a question I'd posed, and subsequently offered her coaching services. Sandra's coaching was both practical and wise. She asked questions that challenged my thinking and pressed me to commit to weekly goals that drove increased sales. Her coaching provoked a new level of accountability in my work and how I use my time. Sandra also celebrated my successes and offered encouragement. I highly recommend Sandra as a business coach!"

- Anne D. Healthcare Directives Speaker, Author, Coach

“Sandra is a trusted coach, and a person you can trust for real advice and orientation on how to make rational decisions in the workplace.

Sandy has extensive experience in the private and public sector, and she will bring her varied perspective to the table when you receive coaching from her. She has a global insight thanks to her multiple business interactions and independent business, so you are guaranteed well-rounded feedback on your own! And her deep knowledge in completing businesses with multiple countries will provide additional insight as to how to proceed with your decision making-from a global and a domestic perspective.

Overall, her strong cultural awareness and thorough knowledge in leadership, business, and psychology will be beneficial and rewarding — helping you feel more confident, comfortable, eager to take action, and lead your team to success.

- Jacer (Aguilar) Collins, Senior Human Resources Manager at PepsiCo

“Since the start Sandra proved I had made the RIGHT decision [working with her]. She was the perfect fit for me. She always makes sure my priorities are met, and for me it was to have my business thrive without sacrificing my family and my health. When I go off the trail, she gets me back on the right journey.

She is also fun to work with with — and this is NOT a little thing. Business is hard, and when you’re on the phone and talking about life-changing things and hard changes to implement, you DO need to have fun with your coach to keep going!

At the end of each call with Sandra, it’s hard to hang up, because it’s hard work, but it doesn’t feel that way at all. I’m always fired-up and excited, even though my mind is about to explode at all the mind-blowing progress we’ve made.”

- Carine Soriano, Creator of (A Reusable Scrapbooking Stencil)