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Great People Inside

The Innovative People-Assessment Platform
That Helps You Identify the Best Talent and
Develop your Team to its Full Potential

Great People Inside is a powerful employee assessment and development platform – designed to help you hire the right people and get the best performance from your team.

It is the only fully-customizable and 100% scalable platform available in the world today, which is why I recommend it to clients and fellow coaches/consultants.

The tailor-made assessments provided by this platform help you:

  • Select, train, and hire the best candidates for every position...
  • Keep employees engaged and nurture their specific talents...
  • Increase your staff retention and improve business performance...
  • Develop true leaders and boost organizational efficiency...

Not only does it bring a host of benefits but it is also:

  • Award-winning...
  • State-of-the-art...
  • AND easy-to-use. Which (let's be honest!) is very important if you want to get the best out of the platform and your investment...

A platform that adapts to YOU, not the other way around.

The best bit of all?

With Great People Inside, you measure only what you need and nothing that you don't… saving you the time, energy, and frustration of measuring things you really don’t need or care about.

Whether you work inside a corporation and are responsible for hiring and developing team members — or you work as a coach, trainer, recruiter, or HR consultant…

You can use the Great People Inside platform and assessments to build a more robust recruitment process, identify talent, develop your employees, unleash the power of your team, and achieve organizational excellence.

How I Work with Great People Inside:

I offer the complete GPI platform and/or customized assessments designed to help clients hire the right talent, increase their capacity, identify performance gaps, and improve their team engagement — driving up results and performance across the board.

I also work with coaches and consultants to add the Great People Inside platform to their services and business offerings, so they can offer assessments and do the same for their clients.

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Corporations  Consultations

"Finally, a flexible product for recruitment and development!"

"I've been working in assessments for 20 years and in that time I've tried most of the assessment tools available. My big challenge to both customers and candidates is the content. Either there's too few or too many dimensions being measured. With Great People Inside, I finally have assessments that can be customized to each individual role in each unique organization.

Great People Inside has also succeeded in creating an intuitive portal… that's really easy to learn. I've not had a single problem in over a year of using it. And the fact that it is GDPR-ready is a big positive. 5 stars out of 5!"

— Henning S. // Management Consultant

"The BEST customized assessments!"

"Great People Inside offers the best customizable assessments, with more than 128 dimensions available — and the ability to create your own template in seconds. In the 2+ years we've been using Great People Inside, it's helped us increase retention, develop soft skills and abilities, and find the real predictors for job success. Thoroughly recommended."

— Mihaela B. // Education Management

"Great People Inside is a great piece of software."

"It offers an excellent user experience, modern design, and the platform is simple and tasteful. The assessments really help us to understand a candidate's personality better — and predict how she/he may succeed at work."

— Edita S. // Human Resources