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GPI for Companies and Corporations


You want a more robust and reliable recruitment process that will help you grow your bottom-line instead of deplete it.

The cost of recruiting, hiring, and onboarding a new employee can be as much as $240,000 — according to Jörgen Sundberg, CEO of Link Humans, an employer branding agency in London.

This is an eye-watering figure itself but there are even MORE costs incurred when that employee turns out to be a poor fit — not the least of which may involve finding a replacement.

Not only does the poor fit result in a monetary loss but ALSO a loss in organizational momentum and speed…

Costing you hours of overtime and split-focus from team members as you try to fill the role or make up for poor performance.

Not to mention it is SO frustrating when you go through all the trouble of recruiting, hiring, and onboarding a brand new team member...

Sifting through dozens or hundreds of resumes, interviewing candidates, whittling it down to a select few, and then choosing that ONE person you had such high hopes for…

  • Only to realise quickly that they aren’t a great fit for your team...
  • They create conflict, friction, or bottlenecks...
  • The morale across your team lowers and sours...
  • And when they inevitably leave 6-12 months later (or you have to fire them)… You’re left to go through the same process all over again.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

I’ve worked with many companies over the years and have seen most of them struggle with bad hires and ineffective talent-acquisition (and seen the impact it had on their innovation capacity and team performance).

Which is why I decided to integrate the award-winning and cutting-edge GPI platform into my Coaching and Consultancy Offerings.


Great People Inside:

The People-Assessment Platform Developed
To Help You Hire The Right Talent
And Build High-Performing Teams.

Great People Inside is the "one-size-does-not-fit-all," fully-customizable platform developed for companies and corporations who want to hire the RIGHT employees — the people that meet the needs and values of their organization and have the competencies required by a particular role…

And develop them into loyal, high-performing team members.

With the Great People Inside platform, you don't have to rely on resumes to qualify talent — you have reliable data and AI at your fingertips…

And you can build a more ROBUST and reliable recruitment process.

One that helps you identify and on-board the perfect people for every role. And one that helps you spot the high-performing employees that will boost results across your business and fit seamlessly into your teams.

The best bit? It costs far less than the cost of one bad hire.

The Great People Inside Platform & Customized Assessments Will Help You:

  • Select, train, and hire the best candidates for every position...
  • Keep employees engaged and nurture their specific talents...
  • Increase your staff retention, and improve business performance...
  • Develop true leaders and boost organizational efficiency...

*It's what every Talent Developer, Team Lead, Project Lead, and HR Department needs to know about.

So, tell me:
Do you want to STOP hiring the wrong staff once and for all?
And do you want to bring the RIGHT people on board?
The ones that will BUILD your bottom-line instead of deplete it?

We can help you:

  • Integrate the 'Great People Inside' platform into your business
  • Build customized assessments tailored to your needs
  • Learn how to use the platform with complete confidence

Have questions? Want to learn more? Ready to get started?

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